Member: Seif Akida

Member: Robert Rwehumbiza

​Mr Robert Rwehumbiza is a senior software engineer at kearfott corporation.

he joined the New York Tanzanian community in 2011 and has been active member of the community since then, he is advocate of enabling, stimulating and promoting acquaintance, friendship and unity among Tanzanians living in New York Metropolitan.   

Board of Trustee

Member: Ms. Natalia Bakilana

Ms. Natalia is an Independent Project Management Consultant and English/Swahili Interpreter. Ms. Natalia recognized the need to re-build the NYTC community; she served as a volunteer in the leadership committee since the new leadership was formed in April 2016. During this time, she helped new leaders look for ways to improve the organization. Through this experience, she found there was a need for strengthening the community and was eager to join the board.

Chairman: Michael Chiume

Contact:    Phone   646-662-6999


                 Address:  25 Beaver Street, New York, NY 10004
Managing the Travel Surveys Unit at New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC). NYMTC is a metropolitan planning organization for New York City region serving an area of 2,440 Sq. Miles with a population of 12.4 million people
Boards and committees served
New York Tanzanian Community Board Chairman from July/August 2016 to date New York Tanzanian Community Executive Committee Vice Chairman from 4/30/2011 – 9/25/2012
New York Tanzanian Community Board Chairman from September 2013 to May 2016 Member NYMTC Regional Transportation Plan from January 2000 to date
Member Saw Creek Estate Community Association from year 2009 to date
Member NYMTC Safety Working Group, from year 2001 to 2002
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), University of Mysore, India
Master of Engineering (Transport Systems), University of South Australia, Australia.

Member: Fatima Kassam

Member: Shabani Mseba

Secretary: Rashid Toure

Rashid’s is Technology manager with over 10 years of experience in emerging technology leadership, training, customer service, technical project management, product design and creative business processes re-engineering. He also poses a Strong background in performance analysis, contract negotiation, conflict management and technical hands own expertise in healthcare technology integration. Outside of his professional endeavors Rashid is passionate community leader who deeply believes in people empowerment.

Member: Jessica Che-mponda

Member: Wilhemina Mujunangoma

Member: Asya Mwilima