Mission Statement:

Our mission is to enrich the quality of life and strengthen unity amongst Tanzanians living in the New York Metropolitan area.

We strive to dedicate our valued time and effort in helping one another, sharing moments in our lives, exchanging information and knowledge, protecting our values and culture, respecting one another, and nurturing our solidarity as Tanzanians. 

GOALS FOR 2016-2017

1.   Increase awareness of the organization to its members and improve ways of communication outside and within the organization.

2.   Empower the youth.

We achieve our mission by:

(a) Enabling, stimulating and promoting acquaintance, friendship 
and unity among Tanzanians living in New York Metropolitan    
areas by promoting social and cultural activities, interaction within 
and between our local communities and across the United States 
of America.

(b) Undertaking educational and cultural activities that   
will promote and enhance a positive identity for the Tanzanian 
community in the United States of America.

(c) Facilitating the growth of cultural, philanthropic, economic and 
educational interests between the peoples of Tanzania and United 
States of America.

(d) Providing and pursuing ways and means not prohibited by law to   
solicit contribution and receive money and property for the 
foregoing purposes and to receive and accept for such purposes 
gifts, donations, bequests and devices of money and properties.

(e) Increasing awareness and facilitate access to the gainful exploitation
of education, entrepreneurial and employment opportunities in the
United States of america through better networking, training and
other innovative programs.